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Campagnès 2016

Domaine Maxime Magnon

Century-old Carignan vines, partly on schist soil and partly on clay-limestone soil, give birth to one of the greatest red wines of the Languedoc, a model of Corbières.

Price €40.00

Rozeta 2016

Domaine Maxime Magnon

The classic Languedoc red grape varieties combined in a wine that highlights the greediness of the fruit, discreetly spiced, but also the frankness and straightforwardness that make the remarkable drinkability of the vintage.

Price €41.00

La Bégou 2016

Domaine Maxime Magnon

Masterfully conducted, the perfect marriage of the two grenaches - grey and white - which offer the most beautiful expressions of Mediterranean whites. Subtle and complex aromatic range, all in nuances, with a freshness and a balance which confer to the wine an elegance rare in Languedoc land.

Price €42.00