Clairet Évelyne et Pascal
Domaine de la Tournelle

By settling in Arbois, Évelyne and Pascal Clairet have developed since the beginning of the 90's a philosophy and a work requirement, in the vineyard as well as in the cellar, which place their Domaine de la Tournelle among the initiators of a "natural" trend in which a whole generation of young winegrowers is involved. The wines, with their straightforwardness and power of expression, are exemplary.

Trained in oenology, Évelyne and Pascal (deceased in 2021) Clairet settled in Arbois in 1991. On the 8 ha of the estate, spread over different types of grey marl terroirs, the vines are worked with a single objective: healthy and ripe grapes in organic/biodynamic culture, to allow for vinification without inputs (indigenous yeasts, no sulphur). The wines are of great rigour and precision, and are available in cuvées whose expression varies according to the grape variety(ies), the terroir and the characteristics of each vintage. Among the most accomplished of the Jura, wines whose accuracy and energy owe everything to this respect for natural data and the terroir.

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