Comte Georges

Georges Comte is a singular character, the figure of a forgotten wine-producing village in the Doubs, Le Moutherot, situated in the northern extension of the Jura vineyards and to the west of Besançon on a hill overlooking the winding valley of the Ognon, a tributary of the Saône. With traditional vineyard and wine-making techniques, his small estate produces whites of character and absolute authenticity.

Le Moutherot, a village located on the heights of a hill near Besançon, is one of the last witnesses of a small Franc-Comtois vineyard, which is almost forgotten today, but which has a beautiful clay-limestone terroir reminiscent of the great white terroirs of the Côte-de-Beaune, such as Puligny-Montrachet. With its small plots of vines worked and vinified in the traditional way, Georges Comte perpetuates its qualities in parcel-based Chardonnay cuvées with a strong mineral imprint and great sapidity, which deserve a long wait, at the end of which, when the wines are ready, the estate makes them available to wine lovers.

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