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Pailhès Leïla
Mille et Une Nuits

Like many neo-winemakers, Leïla Pailhès went from a taste for wine to a taste for wine. She came to wine through tasting, with a growing predilection for "natural" wine, and she took the plunge in the 2010s by learning about viticulture and winemaking from winemakers such as Jean-Yves Péron and Julien Guillot.

In 2018, Leïla Pailhès created her own house, called Mille et Une Nuits, with the project - even before being able to acquire vines - of making cuvées from purchased grapes. In her small cellar in Simorre (Gers) in the South-West of France, she vinifies grapes chosen for their character and quality (organic cultivation without inputs) and bought from neighbouring vineyards in the Gers, but also in the Tarn and Haute-Garonne. From the beginning, the option was to macerate the grapes - whether white or red, macerated with the skins, in whole bunches and/or partially destemmed - in terracotta amphorae (from Spain), according to a rigorously natural process. The wine is aged in amphorae or barrels, depending on the case. The result is very personal, confidential wines with intense aromatic accents and a full texture marked by a tannic and mineral framework.

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Grande Nuit 2019

Pailhès Leïla - Mille et Une Nuits

2019 | Blanc | Ondenc | 0,75 L | Sud Ouest | Sud-Ouest

Made from a harvest of Ondenc, a typical grape variety of the clay-limestone terroir of Gaillac, a a cuvée led in maceration in amphora 1 month with grapes mostly destemmed, then then aged 10 months in amphora.

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