La Perdida
Nacho Gonzalez

At the north-western tip of the Iberian Peninsula, Galicia is best known for its white wines, which are known to be lively and light, often ordinary and generally conventionally made. In this unfavourable context, Nacho Gonzalez has put all his conviction into defending and enhancing the terroir, worked without chemicals, and the old vines of the indigenous grape varieties of his region of Valdeorras, in order to produce totally "natural" wines.

A native of Larouco, in the Valdeorras region of Galicia (province of Ourense), and a biologist by training, Nacho Gonzalez took up winegrowing in 2011 by recovering a few old family vines, soon to be augmented by plots of other old vines of local grape varieties - 3 hectares in all - all of which are managed in goblet style. Giving new life to the often mistreated soils, favouring old vines of autochthonous varieties - godello (sometimes called verdello), doña blanca, in particular -, using only plant-based treatments, vinifying without oenological inputs in the least interventionist way possible, with a predilection for clay amphorae ("tinajas"), such is the uncompromising approach of the La Perdida estate, entirely turned towards absolute respect for nature and the production of natural wines.

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O Pando Orange 2019

La Perdida - Nacho Gonzalez

2019 | Blanc | Godello | 0,75 L | Table Wine | Espagne

A white maceration - destemmed grapes macerated with the skins for 5 months in amphora - from seven-year-old vines of godello, a forgotten but reborn Galician variety, on clay soil.

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