Columbu Giovanni Battista

Bosa and its mythical vineyard are located near the sea on the west coast of Sardinia in the Planargia region (province of Oristano). Giovanni Battista Columbu became the leading figure in this area, working for the recognition of Malvasia di Bosa and the award of the DOC (1972), and creating the flagship estate of this appellation with its strong traditional character.

A teacher who settled in Bosa at the end of the 1950s, Giovanni Battista Columbu discovered with enthusiasm the local production and the rich cultural history of Malvasia di Bosa. Together with the few winegrowers faithful to this tradition of a dry oxidative white aged under veil, he took an active part in the defence and recognition of this rare and exceptional wine. In the heart of the small territory of the appellation (23 ha), he acquired vines in 1970 in the village of Magomadas (1.8 ha) and then in 1980 in Bosa (1.6 ha), on the limestone and sandstone terroir rich in marine fossils which is admirably suited to Sardinian malvasia, and he created his own estate to offer his first vintage in 1992. After his death in 2012, his two sons, Gianmichele and Rafael, are now continuing the "mission" and running the family estate.

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Malvasia di Bosa Riserva 2011 (50 cl)

Columbu Giovanni Battista

2011 | Blanc | Malvasia | 0,5 L | Malvasia di Bosa | Italie

100% Sardinian malvasia, harvested late (mid-October), vinified in vats with natural natural yeasts and aged in chestnut barrels for 3 years under veil.

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