Les Terres Promises
Jean-Christophe Comor

Provence, often denigrated because of its technological rosés, remains a great land of wine. Widely open to the Mediterranean, from Baux-de-Provence to Nice, from Coteaux-Varois to Bandol, its contrasting terroirs and its various appellations offer a rich potential for the expression of the many Mediterranean grape varieties. But such potential cannot become reality without real requirements in cultivation and wine-making practices, such as those that govern the Les Terres Promises estate.

After Sciences Po-Aix and then the political arena, Jean-Christophe Comor returned to his Provençal homeland, in the Var, near La Roquebrussanne, in the foothills of the Sainte-Baume massif, to create his domaine Les Terres Promises in 2004 with 12 ha of vines on clay-limestone soil in the Coteaux-Varois appellation, soon to be increased by 2 ha in the Bandol appellation (Le Beausset and La Cadière-d'Azur). From the beginning, his approach was to be peasant - he said he was influenced by the example of Marcel Richaud in Cairanne - that is to say, both respectful of the land and committed to the winegrower's decisions, with the desire to produce wines that reflect the truth of the terroir, with no other constraints than those of nature (soil composition, climatic data). Inventive, even daring at times, but always as close as possible to the reality of the land, Jean-Christophe Comor produces wines - whose name always begins with an A - that are both delicious and deep, with perfect sincerity.

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