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In the vast and rich group of vineyards in Germany, grouped together in the south-western part of the country, the Palatinate (Pfalz) ranks second in terms of importance, with mainly a large "industrial" type of production. However, a particularly enthusiastic and dynamic young generation has embarked on the path of healthy, quality winegrowing, such as the brothers Daniel and Jonas Brand in Bockenheim, at the northern end of the "Wine Route".

The Brand estate is located on the northern edge of the Palatinate (Pfalz), on the left bank of the Rhine, and is spread over various locations around Bockenheim, with the benefit of the coolness coming from the Haardt massif, which extends the Northern Vosges mountains. The fifth generation of winegrowers in the Brand family, Daniel and Jonas took over the estate in its entirety in 2014 and are committed to an approach that combines tradition and innovation. Converted to organic farming and increased to 18 ha, including 12 ha on the beautiful slopes of Mount Sonnenberg with limestone soils, the vineyard is classically composed of Riesling, Sylvaner, Müller-Thurgau, as well as the three Pinots - black, grey and white -, which are very popular in the Palatinate. The treatments are solely plant-based, and the declared objective is to increase biodiversity and to keep the vines healthy and vigorous. Fermentation is natural, followed by long maturation on the lees, and the wines are offered without additives or filtration: natural wines, with moderate alcoholic degrees, fresh, lively and with great sapidity.

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Pfalz Riesling Monastery 2016

Weingut Brand Bros. - Daniel & Jonas Brand

2016 | Blanc | Riesling | 0,75 L | Pfalz | Germany

Selection of fifty-year-old Rieslings from the Klosterschaffnerei - the site of the monastery's tithe barn on which Bockenheim once depended - vinified and aged in old barrels.

Price €42.00

Pinot blanc Holy Chapel 2016 (Magnum)

Weingut Brand Bros. - Daniel & Jonas Brand

2016 | Blanc | Pinot blanc | 1,5 L | Pfalz | Germany

A plot selection from a Pinot Blanc vineyard located on the foothills of Mount Sonnenberg and marked by the presence of a chapel, with a vinification preceded by a short maceration of a few hours, and maturation in barrels.

Price €58.00

Pfalz Riesling 2015 (Magnum)

Weingut Brand Bros. - Daniel & Jonas Brand

2015 | Blanc | Riesling | 1,5 L | Pfalz | Germany

Forty-year-old vines, short cold maceration, then fermentation and ageing in old barrels.

Price €85.00