Patrick Meyer
Domaine Julien Meyer

For a long time, Alsace has been - and still is in part - the object of suspicion for its wines with high yields and high doses of sulphur, synonymous with headaches. But it is also a pioneer vineyard since the 70's in the organic and biodynamic culture: it is in this way that winegrowers like Bruno Schueller or Patrick Meyer, true figures of the natural wine in Alsace and inspirers of the young generation, committed themselves, often with an experimental spirit (oxidative breeding, maceration, etc.).

When he took over the family estate in 1981, Patrick Meyer chose to grow his wine organically and then, in the 1990s, biodynamically. The vineyard, located around the village of Nothalten in the Bas-Rhin, covers about ten hectares from which chemicals are excluded. The life of the soil and the vines, with light and non-aggressive cultivation, is at the centre of the winegrower's concerns, an approach which continues in the cellar to exalt the natural and living character of the wine, with a minimal addition of sulphur at bottling (homeopathic dilution from rock sulphur). The subtle, complex and variable combination of grape varieties, terroirs and the climatic profile of each vintage gives rise to wines in which the choices of vinification and ageing give rise to a great diversity of cuvées: the quest for naturalness and the creativity of the winemaker go hand in hand and are expressed in wines of strong character and personality.

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