Champagne Piollot

The southern part of the Champagne region, the Aube vineyards were for a long time kept apart and even despised by the producers of the Marne, to the point of being agitated by a violent revolt in 1911. The Côte des Bar, around Bar-sur-Aube and Bar-sur-Seine, has finally imposed itself, within a champagne production too often lax, by the quality of its soils - particularly favourable to Pinot - and by the level of requirement of a generation of Aube winegrowers who, such as Rolland Piollot in Polisot, distinguish themselves today by their dynamism and their will of authenticity.

Born in the middle of the 19th century, located in Polisot in the Côte des Bar, Maison Piollot has gradually expanded by planting plots of land from massal selections, mainly in pinot noir, the main grape variety of the Champagne region of the Aube, but also in less common grape varieties, such as pinot blanc from the Val Colin Robin plot (1955) or the rare arbanne. The vineyard, today 8.5 ha of vines on clay-limestone soil, is managed by Rolland Piollot, who returned to the family estate in 1986 and - like his wife Dominique Moreau's estate (Champagne Marie Courtin) - has progressively developed the culture towards organic and then biodynamic farming. No chemicals, manual work in the vineyard, homeopathic treatments and biodynamic preparations (horn silica): the wines are distinguished by their quality of juice, their frankness and their natural expression.

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Champagne Piollot

Blanc | pinot blanc | 0,75 L | Champagne | Champagne

A pure and rare pinot blanc champagne, made from old vines from the Val Colin Robin plot in Polisot, aged in vats and barrels (20%), then 5 years on laths. Zero dosage.

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