David Léclapart

A vast Champagne region stretching in an arc between Reims and the right bank of the Marne, the Montagne de Reims (average altitude 200 m) is a hillside vineyard mostly devoted to Pinot Noir, especially in Grand Cru villages such as Bouzy and Ambonnay, but also to Chardonnay on the chalky terroirs of Premier Cru villages on the southern tip of the Montagne such as Trépail, where David Léclapart is a pioneer.

Arriving at the helm of the family domain, David Léclapart opted for organic and biodynamic cultivation in the 1990s, thus becoming a pioneer in a region that is otherwise highly conventional in its farming. Divided into some 22 small plots, the 2.75 hectares of the estate are predominantly Chardonnay (80%), a characteristic of the village of Trépail, situated on chalky soils at the south-eastern tip of the Montagne de Reims. Committed to the search for an authentic expression of the terroir, with the variations specific to each climatic year, David Léclapart devotes himself vintage by vintage to cuvées without corrections or dosage, of remarkable purity and frankness, true winemaker's champagnes.

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