Delobre Jean
La ferme des 7 Lunes

Mixed farming and viticulture are the two "udders" of the Ferme des 7 Lunes. Jean Delobre's exemplary approach over the past three decades has made him one of the most inspired and inspiring winemakers in the Northern Rhône.

Located on the right bank of the Rhône in the northern part of the Saint-Joseph appellation, the Delobre farm, in addition to apricot trees, fields and meadows, includes a small vineyard that Jean has been developing since 1984. The harvest was then delivered to the cooperative cellar, where he participated in a group of winegrowers who were moving towards organic and biodynamic farming (certification in 1997), before becoming independent in 2001 and adopting the evocative name of Ferme des 7 Lunes. The estate soon reached 6.5 hectares of vines, on the characteristic granite terroir where Syrah dominates, of course, and is produced in Saint-Joseph and Vin de France. Quietly but with determination, Jean Delobre has refined his thinking and his practices over the years in the search for "naturalness": cultivation without inputs, working with horses in the sloping plots, gentle vinification, abandoning the use of sulphur. And today he is a craftsman of wines that are certainly among the most inspired and inspiring in the Northern Rhône.

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