Lambert Jérôme

A winegrower, but above all an authentic farmer close to the life of plants and animals: this attentive and demanding love translates into cuvées where the word "nature" takes on its full meaning, its true meaning.

As a true farmer-winemaker, Jérôme Lambert takes the same extreme care of his vines, his vegetable garden and his farm animals. He started making wine in the 2000s, but it will take him several years to build up a small vineyard of 3 ha and to develop his cellar. Based in Anjou in the heart of the Coteaux-du-Layon at Rablay-sur-Layon, he grows mainly Chenin, but also a little Grolleau and Gamay. The dry whites are made from different grape harvests - at approximately one week intervals depending on the degree of ripeness - which produce, in order, the cuvées Coule de Source, Un Brin Gourmand and Mélodie en Sous-Sol, and even Fausse Garde in certain vintages. When the botrytis brings the "noble rot", the Chenin offers sweet white wines such as Les Entre-Cœurs or Du Bout des Lèvres. The refusal of any input in the vineyard as well as in the cellar, and the scrupulous requirement that this implies, draw wines of a perfect frankness and naturalness, pure expression of the terroir and the characteristics of the vintage.

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Vin de France Les Entre-Cœurs 2005 (0,5 L)

Lambert Jérôme

2005 | Blanc | Chenin | 0,5 L | Vin de France | Loire

Le Chenin dans toute la somptuosité de ses raisins “botrytisés”, qui donnent un liquoreux angevin de grande richesse.

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