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Cognac Grande Champagne “Cépages” Grosperrin

Folle Blanche, Ugni Blanc, Colombard | 0,70 L | Cognac | 42° | Cognac

This cognac is made from Folle Blanche, Colombard and Ugni Blanc grapes of the 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 (10%) vintages from a single Grande Champagne estate.

Gold, World Spirits Competition, San Francisco, 2020

Price €55.00

Cognac Bons Bois 1992 Grosperrin

1992 | Bons bois | 0,70 L | Cognac | Cognac

This vintage Cognac comes from a fruit producing estate in Saintonge. They started in 1971 with 10 hectares of Apple trees and now count over 100 hectares of different varieties of fruit trees, and only a few hectares of vines.

Price €145.00

Grosperrin Petite champagne 1974

1974 | Petite Champagne | 0,70 L | Cognac | Cognac

This vintage Cognac comes from a family of winegrowers in the region of Gémozac, Charente-Maritime, owners of an estate in Petite Champagne. The family produce cereals and also owns vineyards, which are nowadays organically farmed. Their vines grow on chalky soils. I bought this batch from one of the sons, that his father had produced 40 years before. It was originally a batch of several 559 litre barrels, which were stocked in the dry cellars of the ORECO until they were transferred to our cellars.

Price €270.00

Cognac Grande Champagne “Trésor” N°25 Grosperrin

Grande Champagne | 0,70 L | Cognac | 42.1° | Cognac

A cognac with mysterious origins, which was not originally intended to be bottled. This cognac comes from a unique 400 litre cask, referenced in our stocks for many years. It has probably undergone some blends with cognacs of the same age, as happens sometimes to some of our casks that are not vintages, nor cognacs intended to be incorporated our collection. This cognac is not really a single estate, but it is a unique cask.

Price €990.00