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Mareschal Julien
Domaine de la Borde

The Jura vineyard is today animated by a formidable generation of organic winegrowers who are rediscovering terroirs and expressions that enhance it as never before: a young enthusiastic winegrower like Julien Mareschal is the perfect example.

The small village of Pupillin, which adjoins Arbois (3 km to the south) and benefits from the special appellation Arbois-Pupillin, willingly gives itself the title of "capital of the ploussard" (or poulsard), by highlighting in particular the remarkable Côte de Feule for this typically Jura grape. It is in this village that Julien Mareschal settled in 2003 to create his Domaine de la Borde. On these steep slopes composed of different types of marl and located between 300 and 450 m of altitude, he has gradually built up a vineyard of 5.5 ha which was converted to organic farming in 2009, using biodynamic practices. His practices in the vineyard as well as in the cellar have only one ambition: to translate the terroir as accurately as possible through the grape varieties that make up the Jura tradition, i.e. local grape varieties as well as chardonnay and pinot noir borrowed from nearby Burgundy. Straightforward, straightforward wines, a perfect introduction to the wines of the Jura.

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