Dhumes François

A young generation of winegrowers is at work to restore colour to the Auvergne vineyards. Following in the footsteps of Patrick Bouju and Vincent Tricot, with whom he trained as a winegrower, François Dhumes has only one ambition: to produce true terroir wines in the most natural way, which are both expressive and highly drinkable.

After studying oenology, François Dhumes followed a long apprenticeship, notably with "natural" winemakers in Auvergne - Patrick Bouju, Vincent Tricot - with whom he worked part-time while cultivating his first vines, acquired in 2006 in Corent. Today his vineyard is spread over 5 hectares between Corent, Orcet, Pérignat-sur-Allier and Chidrac, with parcels of gamay (local Auvergne gamay and Beaujolais gamay), chardonnay and pinot noir worked in an artisanal and organic way. The wines are made without inputs and with very little intervention: they are distinguished by their frank and authentic character and their silhouette is well typified by their terroir.

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Vin de France Minette 2016

Dhumes François

2016 | Rouge | Gamay | 0,75 L | Vin de France | Auvergne

Le gamay d'Auvergne, sur terroir volcanique, est ici vinifié “à la bourguignonne” : longue macération des raisins égrappés, et élevage en barriques (non neuves).

Price €36.00

Vin de France Jus de Vilain

Dhumes François

2015, 2016, 2017 | Rouge | Gamay | 0,75 L | Vin de France | Auvergne

Gamay (gamay Beaujolais) issu d'un terroir argilo-calcaire, et vinifié en macération carbonique. Élevage en cuve.

Price €39.00