Corte Sant'Alda

Veneto is a rich land of wines, with, in particular, in the province of Verona, the famous red Valpolicella appellation, but also with Soave, a white wine that is too rarely promoted. The hillsides have soils and climatic conditions that are particularly favourable to the many autochthonous grape varieties that make the wines of Veneto unique and charming, subject to a quality requirement that is far from being the dominant rule, but which distinguishes the work of estates such as Corte Sant'Alda, led by the strong personality of Marinella Camerani.

In Mezzane di Sotto, north-east of Verona, in the fertile Valle di Mezzane with its many streams and rivers, the Valpolicella and Soave regions are neighbours. Since the 1980s, Marinella Camerani - today assisted by her daughter Federica - has been working to obtain the best, healthy and ripe grapes: the key to truly expressive wines. On the 19 hectares of her Corte Sant'Alda vineyard, she has carried out a precise micro-zonation to evaluate the relationship between the vine and the soil, and she has opted for biodynamics. An energetic and passionate personality, Marinella Camerani makes wines where fruit and terroir are combined with a rare authenticity that gives the best image of appellations that are too often misused.

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Soave 2018

Corte Sant'Alda

2018 | Blanc | Garganega, Trebbiano di Soave | 0,75 L | Soave | Italie

Un assemblage de garganega (80 %) et de trebbiano di Soave du terroir argilo-calcaire des “Vigne di Mezzane”, deux cépages typiques de la Vénétie. Élevage de plusieurs mois sur lies fines.

Price €23.00

Valpolicella Ca' Fiui 2017

Corte Sant'Alda

2017 | Rouge | Garganega, Trebbiano di Soave | 0,75 L | Valpolicella | Italie

Issu de jeunes vignes situées sur terroir calcaire autour de la cave du domaine, un rouge qui marie les corvina grossa et corvina veronese (80 %) avec la rondinella et la molinara (et quelques autres cépages autochtones). Fermentation et élevage en cuve bois tronconique.

Price €27.00