Champagne Fleury

The Fleury family - Jean-Pierre and today his son Jean-Sébastien - were pioneers of organic and biodynamic farming in Champagne in the 1980s and have helped to restore the reputation of the Côte des Bar vineyards in the Aube region. The clay-limestone soil is particularly favourable to Pinot Noir, which is in the majority, and the wines express themselves with great precision between fruit/dry fruit aromas and a beautiful vinous elegance with a hint of minerality.

The Fleury family, an old winegrowing family from the Côte des Bar, are pioneers. In the 70s and 80s, Jean-Pierre Fleury developed the estate towards a healthy culture without inputs, which led him - the first in Champagne - to biodynamics. On the 15 ha of the estate (supplemented by purchases of organic grapes), where pinot noir reigns supreme (90%, the rest mainly devoted to chardonnay), the cultivation is done without chemicals. Vinification and fermentation are carried out with indigenous yeasts (a "Fleury" selection made in the estate's biotope), and the reserve wines are matured in tuns. The precision and rigour that govern the quality of the harvest and the mastery of the vinification process result in wines that are exemplary in their fullness and expressiveness.

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Champagne Fleur de l'Europe Brut Nature

Champagne Fleury

Blanc | Bulles | Pinot noir, Chardonnay | 0,75 L | Champagne | Champagne

85 % de pinot noir, qui apporte la structure et la vinosité, et 15 % de chardonnay pour la fraîcheur : un gage d'harmonie et d'équilibre. Vinification en partie en cuve et en partie de fût. Non dosé. 

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