Inoué Mito

The revival of the Auvergne vineyards is that of a generation of winegrowers who, from the 1990s to the 2000s, have been committed to enhancing the value of terroirs that had been abused for too long. Small plots of vines worked like a garden, respect for the soil and biodiversity, natural winemaking, freedom of expression outside the constraints of the appellations: Mito Inoué produces confidential vintages without any concessions, which are highly sought after by amateurs, and even worshippers, of this micro-domaine...

Mito Inoué came to wine through a long journey, from Japan (island of Kyūshū) to Paris in 2003, where she learned French and discovered natural wines, then again in Japan as a trainee sommelier (Taillevent in Tokyo), and finally in Auvergne, where she worked with Pierre Beauger (2008-2009), and other vineyards in France where she learned from "natural" winemakers. It was in Auvergne, in 2011, that she signed her first very confidential vintages, from tiny plots (barely 1 ha in all) located around Montaigut-Le Blanc and Champeix, planted with Auvergne gamay (with a few feet of syrah, grenache or even pinot blanc...). No chemicals, decoctions of plants, and real gardening work: with absolute frankness and sincerity, Mito Inoué's vintages have become true emblems for the most unconditional of natural wine lovers.

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