Maison de Cognac à Saintes

Nothing predestined Jean Grosperrin to settle in Cognac. A farm worker, shepherd, sheep shearer, he bought three stills from a traveling distiller in Lorraine, with whom he went from workshop to workshop distilling mirabelle, plum, quince, and so on. A few years later, he sold them to work in Cognac as a distiller. In the early 90’s, he became a campaign broker.

Because of his job, Jean goes to the most remote places of the appellation, to find small farms, looking for the rarest batches. In 1999, tired of seeing exceptional batches ending up in giant assembly plants, Jean buys himself some old cognac barrels, which the family bottles in a traditional way. New in Cognac, the story of each of these batches is told, and their age is specified.
The history of Grosperrin Cognacs begins.
In 2003, Jean retired and his son, Guilhem, took over. His project follows in his father’s footsteps. Passionate, he endorses his father’s profession of faith: «an unadorned testament to the charentais heritage». He takes over his father’s broker’s book and, in turn, enriches it with exceptional discoveries, especially in inheritances and confidential estates.
Guilhem decides to control all or part of the ageing, respecting the history of each cognac. He selects plots and initiates contracts with quality winemakers. He goes out to meet fans from all over the world, and refurbishes a 19th century cellar on the banks of the Charente, with the aim of recovering the ageing conditions that contributed to the reputation of the first merchant breeders, the pioneers of the designation.
In the cellars of the Grosperrin cognacs, each batch is a living testimony of a plot, a terroir, a past history, through the snapshot of a carefully-selected vintage or a single barrel.

Crédits photos : Stéphane Charbeau, n141.com

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