Celler Escoda-Sanahuja
Celler Mendall
Clos du Tue-Bœuf

The beautiful complicity of three estates that defend viticulture without synthetic chemicals and vinification without inputs or corrective measures, two Catalan winemakers - Joan Ramón Escoda and Laureano Serres - and the Touraine winemakers Jean-Marie and Thierry Puzelat (Clos du Tue-Bœuf): it is reflected in a joint cuvée of great originality

In 1997, Joan Ramón Escoda took over the estate from his wife Mari Carme's family, located in Prenafeta near Montblanc in Catalonia in the Conca de Barbera appellation area. Respect for nature, the earth and the plant, for products that reflect the grapes and the land in the most authentic way, is the philosophy of the estate. This is the same philosophy shared by his friend Laureano Serres on his Mendall estate, in El Pinell de Brai, west of Tarragona in the Terra Alta appellation area, and also shared by the Puzelat brothers, pioneers of "natural" wines in Touraine on their Clos du Tue-Bœuf in Les Montils, near Cheverny. Accustomed to making a joint cuvée - red or white depending on the vintage - the two Catalan friends have joined forces with the Puzelat brothers to produce an astonishing white wine combining, in 2015, white grenache, macabeu and sauvignon.

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Vamos ? Vamos ? Vamos ! 2015 (Magnum)

Celler Escoda-Sanahuja - Celler Mendall - Clos du Tue-Bœuf

2015 | Blanc | Grenache blanc, Macabeu, Sauvignon | 1,5 L | Vin de Table | Espagne

La rencontre des raisins de deux cépages de Catalogne et d'un cépage du Val de Loire crée un mariage jubilatoire, un vin uniquement proposé en magnum.

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