Laurence Manya-Krief

In a Roussillon region with often rich and powerful wines, a new generation of winegrowers came along in the early 2000s to bring something different to the region. Pioneers such as Jean-François Nicq and Stéphane Morin have favoured "natural" wines that are free of any synthetic chemical products in the vineyard and in the cellar, and where fruit, freshness and balance are paramount. A quest for naturalness and authenticity that Laurence Manya-Krief has adopted from the outset in creating her Domaine Yoyo.

Between the sea and the mountains, the vines of Domaine Yoyo are spread over Banyuls (4 ha) and the foothills of the Albères (3 ha). Since 2005, Laurence Manya-Krief has chosen an uncompromisingly organic culture: no chemicals, but organic and plant-based amendments, working the soil with a horse, a rototiller and a pickaxe, small or even very small yields, and harvesting at the right time to preserve the freshness and even more the balance of the juice. This is how the two parts of the estate's vineyard produce whites and reds that are both deep and delicious, with controlled richness and, with each passing vintage, ever more drinkable.

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KM31 2018

Yoyo - Laurence Manya-Krief

2018 | Rouge | Grenaches, Carignans | 0,75 L | Vin de France | Roussillon

Superbes vignes centenaires de grenache gris (80 %), grenache noir et carignan sur terroir de schistes à Banyuls, vinification en macération semi-carbonique avec fermentation en cuve bois tronconique, puis élevage en barrique et demi-muid.

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VDF Restaké 2016

Yoyo - Laurence Manya-Krief

2016 | Blanc | Grenache gris & blanc, Carignan gris & blanc | 0,75 L | Vin de France | Roussillon

A white wine from a cool terroir in Banyuls (300 m altitude, north facing), with Grenache gris and blanc from old vines (80 years old) vinified by direct press and a complement (20%) of Carignan gris and blanc from young vines vinified in short carbonic maceration. Aged in old barrels.

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Akoibon 2019

Yoyo - Laurence Manya-Krief

2016 | Rouge | Grenache, Mourvèdre | Vin de France | Roussillon

Petits rendements de grenache des hauteurs de Port-Vendres en front de mer et de mourvèdre du col de Banyuls, sur terroir de schiste noir.

Price €45.00
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