Mas Candí

In the tremendous effervescence that reigns in the vineyards of Spain and particularly Catalonia, a new generation of winegrowers has set itself the task of reviving traditional viticulture - indigenous grape varieties, no chemical treatments - for lively and authentic wines. This uncompromising approach has been adopted by Ramón Jané in a particularly convincing way with his Mas Candí estate.

Since 2006 Ramón Jané has invested in the family vineyard, located in Les Gunyoles d'Avinyonet, in the Penedès, at the gateway to the Garraf Natural Park. On this estate, which is mainly dedicated to supplying grapes to the great houses of "cava", the famous Catalan sparkling wine, he opted for biodynamic viticulture and soon decided to produce his own vintages. With the help of his friend Toni Carbó - who would later create his own winery, La Salada - he defended the traditional Catalan grape varieties, exalted by healthy cultivation and vinification without chemicals. By reclaiming local traditions, Mas Candí is playing an active role in the evolution of Catalan winegrowing towards "natural" and living wines.

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Penedès Baudili 2019

Mas Candí

2019 | Blanc | Xarel.lo, Parellada | 0,75 L | Penedès | Espagne

Born from the marriage of xarel.lo (65%) and parellada (35%), two typical Catalan white grape varieties, vinified with grapes cooled for 24 hours before pressing, followed by fermentation and aging in stainless steel fermentation and aging in stainless steel tanks, a wine that pays tribute to its terroir.

Price €27.00

Cabòries 2019

Mas Candí

2019 | Rouge | Mandó, sumos, xarel.lo | 0,75 L | Penedès | Nos vins

Original blend of two less common red varieties and a white variety: mandó (maceration of partly unstemmed grapes), sumoll and xarel.lo (both direct pressing), short maturation in (both direct pressing), short aging in barrels and stainless steel tanks.

Price €28.00