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  • Making sparkling wines
    Making sparkling wines

    The ancestral or rural method, the Champagne or traditional method, pet nats: the art of effervescent or sparkling wine takes many shapes and forms.

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  • Beaujolais, the home of Gamay
    Beaujolais, the home of Gamay

    Beaujolais has long been the preferred terroir for gamay, ever since the grape variety was deemed unsuitable for the Pinot Noir terroirs of the Côte d'Or at the end of the 14th century. With its early ripening, fewer problems with cultivation and good yields, not to mention the crisp fruit and juiciness of its wines, Beaujolais Gamays quickly gained a reputation for being easy-drinking and ready to drink when young.

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  • Natural wines: an introduction
    Natural wines: an introduction

    The proliferation of synthetic chemicals and corrective techniques for vine cultivation and winemaking in the post-Second World War period paved the way for the industrialisation and standardisation of wines. In contrast to this development, which contradicts the notion of Appellations of Origin, many winegrowers have affirmed their commitment to the natural and authentic expression of their terroir, thus putting themselves on the fringes of an AOC system that generates labels that are too...

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  • Living Wines
    Living Wines

    In harmony with our philosophy, the notion of "natural" wine is becoming increasingly important in the practices of winemakers and in the choices of consumers. For winemakers, the notion of "nature" is based on the idea that wine is not a simple "artefact": for man it is at once food and a source of pleasure.

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