At the Clown Bar and the Cave du Clown, we have a singular vision : instead of promoting agriculture and viticulture largely influenced by the corporate food industry, we choose to feature products without artifice - artisanal, organic, natural products made with respect not only for the environment and its ecosystems, but also for the workers. This commitment rings true from our kitchen to our wine cellar.
           The Cave du Clown’s selection foregrounds “natural” wine, meaning wine that is made from ripened grapes cultivated with respect for the land and its biodiversity, without chemical treatments or additives, vinified with indigenous yeasts and little to no sulfur. The winemakers we champion adapt to the realities and particularities of their environment to manifest authentic reflections of terroir. Issued from vines whose roots draw deeply from a living soil with the organic and mineral components specific to their terroir, natural wines acquire a character, an authenticity and an energy that give them all their richness and flavour. Living wine that is good for the body, soul and tastebuds is the basis of our philosophy at the Clown Bar and Cave!