Italian Island Wines, Lot 2

Blanc & Rouge | Zibibbo, Nerello, Monica, Carignan | 0,75 L | Sicile & Sardaigne | Italie

The Mediterranean islands of Italy, with their unique history and culture, offer a perfect example of an original wine heritage preserved and enhanced by winemakers who are both demanding and faithful to their tradition.

Sicily is particularly famous for the incomparable volcanic vineyards of Etna and its autochthonous Nerello, Carricante and Grecanico Dorato grapes, while Pantelleria, the small volcanic island next door, magnifies its Zibibbo grape. Sardinia, with a handful of emblematic winemakers, highlights its many traditional grape varieties that are too often forgotten. The terroirs and the winegrowers invite you to take a journey through the Mediterranean world and bear witness to the singularly lively and exciting character of Italian winegrowing.

Terre Siciliane Zibibbo bianco secco Serragghia 2014 Gabrio Bini 2014⎪White⎪Zibibbo⎪0,75 L⎪Sicily⎪Italy

A Zibibbo (Muscat of Alexandria) from Pantelleria - a volcanic island in the south of Sicily - made from a long maceration on the skins, vinified and aged in amphorae: a dry white marked by the minerality of the place and the energy of the terroir.

Terre Siciliane Munjebel 9 (2012) Frank Cornelissen 2012⎪Red⎪Nerello mascalese⎪0,75 L⎪Sicily⎪Italy

Made entirely from old vines of nerello mascalese from different plots - notably "crus" - the estate's "classic" cuvée, generous, marked by the suavity of its ripe fruit, spicy notes and coated tannins.

Sardaigne Pikadé 2016 Panevino 2016⎪Red⎪Monica, Carignan⎪0,75 L⎪Sardinia⎪Italy

Made from old Monica and Carignan vines (and a few other varieties) on schist: floral, fruity and spicy notes, velvety tannins, freshness and elegance, with an indisputably earthy character.

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