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Autour des “Bulles” – Lot n° 2

Blanc & Rosé | Chardonnay, Pinot noir, Malvasia | 0,75 L | Champagne, Auvergne & Italie | Nos vins

The vinification of grape juice naturally produces carbon dioxide, thus giving the wine a spontaneous effervescence. When fermentation is completed in the closed space of the bottle, this natural sparkling profile characterises so-called "ancestral method" or "rural method" wines and more widely pétillant naturels of all kinds.

In Champagne, another process is in play: the "méthode champenoise" - known as "traditional" for sparkling wines outside Champagne, which consists of two fermentation stages, the first in vats or barrels to obtain a classic still, dry white wine, followed by a second fermentation in the bottle by the addition of a "liqueur de tirage" (sugar and yeast) to create carbon dioxide.

Champagne Le Grain de Beauté Brut Nature 2013 Emmanuel Lassaigne |Sparkling | White | Chardonnay | 0,75 L | Champagne

The 2013 vintage, a blanc de blancs from the Grande Côte parcel (planted in 1963), aged for 4 years in barrel on lees and then 3 years in bottle on laths: a vibrant, mineral and superbly elegant champagne.

Vin de France Voici des Ailes 2017 Vincent & Marie Tricot | Sparkling | Rosé | Pinot noir | 0,75 L | Vin de France | Auvergne

This is an original, natural rosé sparkling wine made from Auvergne pinot noir using the "ancestral method", with its fresh fruit and light bubbles: delicate and tasty, a straightforward sparkling wine.

Emilia Vej Spumante Metodo Classico 2013 Podere Pradarolo | Sparkling | White | Malvasia | 0,75 L | Emilia | Italy

Malvasia di Candia Aromatica macerated for 60 days with the skins. A traditional method spumante ("Metodo Classico"), complex and aromatic.

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